Homophobia: Parents cutting you off 3

Homophobia is a problem for all of us. A reader emailed the following problem to me:

“My friend came out to his parents and they want to write him off… we want to know if there are any laws that state that they should pay his university studies and living costs… he is a 1st year student at North west university… please help us with any info and acts.”

Please let me know if you have any ideas that could help? You could also read my article on how to deal with homophobia.


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3 thoughts on “Homophobia: Parents cutting you off

  • Wessel

    Hi, unfortunately there is no law that can force them to pay your studies but I personally will not worry to much about it because no parent will write off their child, never mind what he does they will always be there for you, they were only in shock when they got the news and they were very disappointed, as they want to be a grandma and grandfather one day.

  • Mncedisi Mpungose

    There is no specific law compelling them to fund his education especially if he is a major (18+). However he can go to court and seek maintenance, the court will look at the parents’ financial means and his needs and also consider his constitutional rights. If it finds that they will be able to afford paying for him, the court may grant an order compelling them to do so. The common law provides that parents have a duty to maintain their children until they are self supporting, that’s usually after university. Good luck to him!