Porn is fake
Before I knew the realities of love and sex, all I had to go on was porn. I was never a porn addict, and I never watched much of it, but hey, we have all had a look at some stage or another. This formed an idea in my head of what gay sex is about. We discover the following myths about gay sex.

7 Realities of Gay Sex: it is not like porn

Heart with rainbow and gay couple
It is not easy to turn a potential date into a date. Firstly, it is not always easy to tell who is gay, and who might be interested in you. If you are in a crowded place and someone makes eye contact with you, how do you know if it was a mistake or if there was some meaning to it? The best way to let a person know that you are interested is to smile at them and make eye contact.

Dating: How to turn a potential date into a date