Valentine’s day ideas

Valentine’s Day is the highlight of the year for some, a commercial waste of time for others, and a very lonely day for a few. Yip, it’s Valentine’s Day.

Heart in the sky for Valentine's Day


What have you got planned for the big day? You really should try to do something nice – it will make you feel great. There’s nothing wrong with spicing up your life a bit. If you are single, don’t stress! Meet up with some friends and go out together.

Valentine’s day is what you make of it. You don’t need to allow yourself to get caught up in the commercial aspect of things. Doing something special doesn’t mean spending hundreds of rands at a fancy restaurant. If that’s your thing, go for it, but here are some suggestions for something a little different:

  • Cook your partner a nice romantic (surprise) dinner at home. Don’t forget to bake a yummy dessert like a cheesecake. Include a hand-made menu, and candles of course.
  • Take your partner for a nice stroll in the park or along the beach, followed by some ice-cream. Watch the sun set together, and just enjoy the peace. Later you can do some star-gazing.
  • Make a hand-made card. Use some colourful paper, colour pens. Stick a photo of you and your partner on the inside. Write down a meaningful quote, or a memorable occasion that you enjoyed together. This will be appreciated a lot more than a R50 card from CNA.
  • Write your own poem. Make it personal. Show some vulnerability.
  • Write sexy clues to lead your partner on a treasure hunt to a special gift (or to you).

You have the power to turn Valentine’s day into an excuse to have an unusual, and fun day. So don’t hate it, embrace it!

Let me know what you end up doing…

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