Condom review: The condom experiment (intro) 4

Have you every walked past the condom section in the shops and wondered how all those different types of condoms would look or feel? Have you tried them all? I’ve always been curious to try them out, but I guess I didn’t because I was afraid of wasting my money. Well now I decided that I want to try out them all to see which I like best.

I approached various condom manufacturers to see who would be willing to send me samples. The good folk at Contempo Condoms were really cool – they sent me a sample of each of their condoms. (The others didn’t bother getting back to me)

Contempo Condoms

This is what they sent me!

So it was my mission to test each one out and give each one a review on my blog. It was interesting to try them all out, but I sure enjoyed it!

Here is the list of condoms that I tried out, along with their review.

Part 1: Rough Rider; Wet ‘n Wild
Part 2: Bareback; Endurance
Part 3: Power play; Midnight; Erotica

Have you tried any of them? Let me know how you enjoyed them…

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