5 Best Xmas Gifts for the Gay Men in Your Life

The season of gift-giving is finally here! And even though we are a bit more excited about all the presents we are about to receive, this cannot happen without us actually buying presents for the people we love. And apart from our boyfriend and all the members of our family that we love so much, this season is an excellent time to give a present to some of your best friends. Now, you probably have at least one gay person in your life, and since we all know how complicated getting a present for a gay person is, we tried to help you just a bit – take a look at the best Xmas gifts for any gay man in your life, choose one from the list and you’re good to go!

5 Best Xmas Gifts for the Gay Men in Your Life

1. All I want for Xmas is a swimming suit

Yes, it’s Xmas time, and even though it’s colder and snowy in most parts of the world, there are those special places that always have a very warm and sunny December. One such place is South Africa, where you can basically swim in the ocean on December 25th without ending up with a terrible cold. So, if you’re from there, or another place with a similar climate such as Australia, then a great present for your gay guy would be a swimming suit. Beware, though, as you really need to know what kind of swimming trunks your gay person likes –you can choose among many options but perhaps the best one would be speedo briefs, which is excellent if he’s got, in the words of J.Lo and Iggy Azalea,“a big, big booty”.

2. Santa Claus is coming to town… and he’s clean

Gay rose petals - being clean

Perhaps you’re not familiar with the sexual preferences of your gay person, meaning that you have no idea if he’s a top, bottom or versatile. However, if you happen to know that he’s the bottom in his current relationship, it would be a great idea to get him a dietary fibre supplement that helps in digestive cleanliness – also known as “bottoming pills”. Yes, it does sound weird, but not only will you be helping him to be super clean for his boyfriend, such supplements have other advantages as well. Namely, this will help anyone take care of their digestive tract; it gives form to your bowel movements and picks up the debris in the digestive tract. A genius present!

3. Jingle books

If your guy is a keen reader, then you should sneak into his room, turn on his laptop, go to his favourite book website and take a look at his wishlist, as getting a book as a present to a bookworm is definitely the best possible idea. Why do you need to glance at his wishlist, though? Because even though this is an excellent idea, getting him something he doesn’t want to read or a genre he’s not that into is not the move that you want to make. You know that gays forgive, but they never forget!

4. Have yourself a merry little cup of coffee

Drinking coffee

There’s nothing better than having a hot beverage in the comfort of your own home at the end of a long day. Or perhaps there is? Is waking up and smelling coffee a better feeling? Be as it may, one thing is for sure – coffee is definitely something we all like. Gays really do have an immaculate taste for coffee and coffee beans, so choosing to get them one of the strongest coffee blends might just be a great idea. If you opt for this step, though, make sure to choose the best of the best – as quality is the most important.

5. Rockin’ around the Xmas tree with great underwear

Honestly, buying clothes to the gay person in your life is such a cliché – they already have everything they want, and they don’t actually like it when you give them clothes that they won’t be wearing. However, the case with underwear is different – this is something many take for granted and rarely buy for themselves, and if he’s already gay then you have a plethora of options (make sure to have a jockstrap on your list!)

As you can see, it’s not difficult to choose a great present for your LGBTQ friend or family member. You simply have to put yourself in their shoes and actually think about the things that they want. After all, you know them best, don’t you?

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 Peter MinkoffWritten by Peter Minkoff
Peter is a LGBT writer at Gay Republic and The Homo Culture magazine. A true craft beer and soy latte aficionado, he loves spending his days at the beach and visiting second hand stores on a daily basis.

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