Kissing is a great foreplay to gay sex
Sex is a big thing in our lives, and should be an intimate experience. This guide gives some tips on gay sex and foreplay.

The ultimate guide to gay sex

Hello I'm Gay
I am 58 and sexually attracted to guys since my mid-teens but also to girls. 26 years of marriage, kids and never letting anyone know my 'dark secret'.

Mark’s Coming Out Story

Jack Parow tweet which is homophobic
Jack Parow recently posted a homophobic meme to Twitter. The meme includes a picture of musicians the Jonas brothers and bottles of Parow brandy. The photo of the Jonas brothers is labelled with “moffies”, a derogatory phrase to describe gay men while the words ‘die manne’ (the men) are written […]

Rapper Jack Parow posts homophobic tweet

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Getting older isn't always a bad thing, especially when it comes with maturity and wisdom to lead a more happy and fulfilling life. Here are some habits that I feel we can give up before we turn 30 (or now, if you are already over 30).

Why you should stop these bad habits before you turn ...

GoodLuck is an exciting live electronic pop band from South Africa, and we've been able to engage with them in an interview. Music can be so powerful in connecting people, and inspiring people. I've been hearing their music quite a bit lately, and have absolutely fallen in love with them!

Be Yourself with GoodLuck

Alex Strangelove Movie
Alex Strangelove is a story about a teenager (Alex Truelove, played by Daniel Doheny) who, despite having dated his girlfriend, Claire, for 8 months, is still a virgin.

Movie Review: Alex Strangelove

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This is a story about true love, and about loss. A gay relationship is as deep, significant and meaningful as a straight relationship.

A True Story on Love and Loss