Ugandan anti-gay laws

The Ugandan anti-gay laws are an embarrassment to Africa. We are trying to put Africa forward as an innovative, developing continent. But yet our neighbours keep pulling us a few steps backward.

Anti-gay Uganda flag

Religion seems to play a big part in much of the homophobia around the world. However, I don’t know of any religious book that say it is a sin to be gay. Yes, some of the famous books infer that it is a sin to have sexual intercourse with members of the same sex. But not a sin to BE gay. Most religions suggest that it is a sin to have sex before marriage – but this would apply no matter your gender or sexual orientation, right? The only thing left is having gay sex with your spouse. You are welcome to have different views, but I do not believe that God frowns upon two committed life partners showing love and intimacy towards each other. It just doesn’t make sense. I wrote about that fact in this post which talks about how to deal with homophobia.

By making laws that discriminate against a certain group, you are hurting people at their core. You are telling them that who they are is not allowed. If you are religious, then you must believe that God created us the way God wanted, and he doesn’t make mistakes? At the end of the day, it is only between God and us. Those who are not religious must know in their hearts that gay people are people, just like everyone else. We love the same way you do. We feel the same emotions that you do. To treat us any different is a worse crime than being gay could every be. Because we will never hurt you.

If you have the urge to discriminate; to post on a website how strongly you ‘hate’ gay people, then I ask you: Why do you have these hateful feelings? What is it that you really fear? What has blackened your heart so much? And before posting your discrimination, do us this one little favour: give some deep thought as to why you feel the way you do. Give some thought to whether we really deserve your hatred. That is all I ask.

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