Homophobia is a huge problem in our society, and affects gay people worldwide. Some countries have it worse than others. Homophobia needs to stop.

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Did you ever hear these phrases in high school: “Quit being such a girl” or “That’s gay” or maybe “Don’t be such a fag.” Did you hear them from peers, from bullies, even from administrators in high school? Maybe you’ve even used this term yourself. As a way to bully, tease, or pressure those to stick to the status quo? Is this how you would describe your educational environment?

Homophobia and Toxic Masculinity Exposed in Short Film

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On paper, South Africa is one of the best places to be if you are gay. South Africa's constitution outlaws discrimination based on sexual orientation (we were the first in the world to do so in constitution), and gay people in South Africa are legally allowed to marry (we were the fifth country in the world to allow this). Those are two things to be very proud of.

What it means to be gay in South Africa

My friend came out to his parents and they want to write him off... we want to know if there are any laws that state that they should pay his university studies and living costs... he is a 1st year student at North west university... please help us with any info and acts.

Homophobia: Parents cutting you off