Being gay isn’t a choice – a gay tutorial

Being gay isn’t a choice, but even if it was, it would be a good one.

Doesn’t society get tired though? Throughout the ages, an annoying
mantra has been preached and forcibly enforced onto our heads:

  1. Being gay is wrong
  2. Being gay is immoral
  3. Being gay is a crime to humanity
  4. Being gay is a sin

Really? In this day and age where information is easily available, homophobes still think homosexuality is a social sickness that encourages sodomy. How sad really?

Is being gay a choice?

If that came from a dog or a caveman, it might have been excused but from an educated fellow with a degree in logic and common sense… That’s pathetic.

I wonder what drives a person to assume that gay men woke up one day and said: “Hmmmm today seems like a good day to start being gay.” I mean come on, let’s be realistic here.

Firstly why would anyone choose to be hated? We all know the controversy surrounding homosexuality and nowadays men are killed for living life their way. In all logic, does it make sense for a man to put himself at risk for a choice? Human beings are built with a survival instinct. Normally that survival instinct is ingrained in our subconscious and it sends a simple instruction to your brain: Avoid trouble at any cost. So why would a man simply “choose” to invite trouble by “choosing” to be gay.

Matter of fact is, being gay is not a choice.

What homophobes don’t understand is that it is very difficult to accept that you like a six pack, a man’s butt and a dick when you live in a world where men are taught that the only thing that should make them horny is a vagina.

Loving someone involves a chemical reaction that cannot be controlled. You find ignorant people declaring that love can be link to superficial or physical attraction. If that’s the case, why is that most people who meet the hot of the hottest get turned off as soon as they discover that the external beauty of that hot person doesn’t resemble their personality. How many people are willing to admit that a good personality does matter.

Love is very complex. Family love and marital love are two different entities. I can love a sibling but loving a stranger requires a lot of emotional investment. When a man loves another man, its not lust based. In the gay world, its very simple to get laid but loving a guy genuinely is not something that happens spontaneously as a consequence of a specific “choice”.

If being gay is a choice when did you decide to become straight?

I can choose to eat a banana. I can choose to go and watch 50 Shades Of Grey. But I can never choose to be attracted to men. Hormones are powerful and they dictate a lot of things however, on a sane mind, no one chooses to be attracted to men.

Now even if it was a choice?

It wouldn’t be that bad. Who dies when a man gets a blow job? Who gets kidnapped when two men share an intimate moment? Which part of the world faces tragedy when two men get married? So what is the problem really? Why can’t everyone just mind their own business really?

If a choice between two consenting adults doesn’t have any illegal obligations, why should it matter? The sophistication of societal norms entices hypocrisy to an extent that certain people hide their imperfections by highlighting another person’s flaws or differences.

Being different doesn’t equate to being wrong.

So what’s really the big idea here? Why can’t we all get along and be happy? Why should ignorant heads sexualise homosexuality and pervertise the notion by laying strict emphasis on sexual intercourse between a man and another man?

Because at the end of the day that’s the real reason why homophobia exists. Its merely an adversity of a man’s idea of sexual submission and behavioural trait.

You will never hear of someone being killed for being straight… But you will hear of someone being killed for being gay as if two men having sex would result to the apocalypse.

Real men are able to reason and see wrong in any form. Discriminating against gays for being true to themselves is wrong! Swearing at a gay person because he chooses to be himself is wrong! Disowning a gay child because he is gay is seriously wrong and that is
the true epitome of a failing parent.

At the end of the day, gay or straight, we all are human beings and we are not as different as we force ourselves to be. Yes maybe different preferences but we still have flesh and bone just like any other straight jock.

To any homophobe out there, it’s time to be honest to yourself for once. Do you hate gays because you are ashamed or insecure about your own sexuality? Or do you hate them because you can’t understand what drives a man to love another man. Or you simply don’t have a reason to hate, you are merely adapting to this form of discrimination because it’s “acceptable” just like it was acceptable to hang African Americans during the Jim Crow days?

Whatever reason it is, ask yourself a simple question and answer it honestly. Is it really right? Swearing at gays; throwing stones at gays; treating them as if they are not human. Is it really right?

What if the tables were turned and you were hated for being you? Would it be fair? Would it be okay? I’d like to hear your thoughts

Class dismissed!

Written by: Uriel Ezequiel

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