Gay dating: Things not to do on a date

Gay dating is not easy. It is hard to find the right guys out there. We all read about things that we should do on a date. But here are some things that you should definitely NOT do on a date! Hopefully this makes your gay dating easier!

1. Ask for feedback

Unfortunately for you, a date is not going to provide the feedback that you usually expect from a test, exam or performance appraisal. There will be no 8 out of 10. If you ask your date for feedback on how you did on the date, you are just going to sound like you lack confidence and your date will lose interest. You will know you did well if you get another date with this guy. Also, don’t ask for feedback on how you performed in bed! That’s weird!

Wine glasses on a date

2. Don’t use your phone

Would you rather be somewhere else? Nothing gives that message stronger than if you are sitting on your phone checking Facebook. If you need to receive an urgent call, you can warn your date, but that should be the limit. This applies even if your date goes off to the bathroom. It looks a lot better if he returns to someone eagerly waiting for him, than if he returns to someone who is already keeping busy with other things.

3. Don’t talk too much

A date is about the two of you. You should be sharing stories and passions, but also listening to your date’s stories. If you take over the whole conversation, your date will realise that you are not interested in anything but yourself.

4. Don’t talk too little

Your date wants to know about you – it is like an interview for him to decide if he likes you. So show your best side. Talk about your passions, hobbies, fears. Give him all the positive things about you, without sounding like you are bragging. If you just sit awkwardly silent, he is not going to get to know you.

5. Don’t be negative

Be positive. Do not sit and complain about school, about your job, your boss, your family and friends. It is easy to fall into the trap of complaining, but just don’t. People are attracted to positivity. Rather speak about the good aspects of your life.

6. Don’t brag

Do you really think that if you mention your new car 5 times in the conversation, your date will fall in love with you? He will probably see you as someone who is insecure. You may think that you are innocently mentioning it, but people see right through others’ bragging very quickly. And they hate it!

7. Don’t yawn

Shame, am I boring you? Shall we just end the date so you can go sleep? You get the picture. If you need to, have a coffee or energy drink before your date to avoid the yawns.

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