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Simon Tseko Nkoli was an anti-apartheid, gay rights and AIDS activist in South Africa. Nkoli was born in Soweto in a seSotho-speaking family. He grew up on a farm in the Free State and his family later moved to Sebokeng. Wikipedia


What do you think of this tribute (thanks to Majola) to Simon Nkoli? I think it is a fantastic piece.


More about Majola

Majola is originally from the Eastern Cape in Zwelitsha Township, near King Williams Town. He started singing at the age of 9 as a member of a local gospel group the Heroes of Faith! His life changed when he made it through to the top 100 of the South African Idols’ second season at the age of 17.

This year he signed a international digital distribution deal with Africori, a company based in the United Kingdom. His debut album is a work in progress under the title Boet Sissy chronicling musical anecdotes of growing up gay in a township in post-apartheid South Africa. The 1st single from the project is a single entitled Simon Nkoli, a song that pays tribute to the South African gay Icon, Apartheid and HIV/AIDS activist! It is available for download on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Google play and OK music.


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