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Being gay in Ghana is extremely challenging as many people are homophobic and ignorant about homosexuality. Gays in Ghana are forced to stay in the closet.

Being gay in Ghana

If being gay is a choice when did you decide to become straight?
Being gay isn’t a choice, but even if it was, it would be a good one. Doesn’t society get tired though? Throughout the ages, an annoying mantra has been preached and forcibly enforced onto our heads: Being gay is wrong Being gay is immoral Being gay is a crime to […]

Being gay isn’t a choice – a gay tutorial

Durban skyline - Gay life in Durban - Finding love
Durban is a wonderful city situated in KwaZulu Natal. One has to love the warm but erratic weather and the cool beautiful beaches. The people here are also quite friendly and welcoming although one does encounter a few grumpy individuals now and then. Durban is quite a vibrant upbeat city with an average paced life. It is characterized by rich racial, cultural, ethnic and religious diversity. The city itself is quite stunning at night, with the beautiful coloured lights but also surprisingly quiet and peaceful in the late hours of the night. It is also booming with the LGBT community and many young gay or lesbian people find it easy and perhaps comfortable to express their sexuality in this great city. What is interesting about Durban is that although it is a modernized upbeat city, it has managed to hold on to some of the values and morals of old and it is still conservative to a certain extent. For most young individuals, especially from areas in the North of KZN, Durban it a place to be!

Finding love in the big city (Durban): A losing battle

Gay identity
Like many minority groups in South Africa, the LGBT community continues to be subject to discrimination and marginalization, perhaps even to a greater extent than other minority groups. In fact one might be compelled to argue that the discrimination against individuals who are in same sex relationships or who are merely attracted to people of the same sex has become normative.

Interrogating the Gay Identity: What it means to be gay

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Where do I start talking about finding love? Yet alone in one of the most vibrant and culturally rich cities in Africa? Coming from a much smaller place - Durban, where everyone is laid back and always seem to be on a "Go Slow", I have found the transition to be rather difficult.

Finding Love in the Mother City

Suicide letter
Today I have dressed formally as a boy but unfortunately this is the first and last time you ever see me dressed like this without a soul hanging high in this rope.

Suicide letter

Porn is fake
Before I knew the realities of love and sex, all I had to go on was porn. I was never a porn addict, and I never watched much of it, but hey, we have all had a look at some stage or another. This formed an idea in my head of what gay sex is about. We discover the following myths about gay sex.

7 Realities of Gay Sex: it is not like porn

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As gay people, we are all at different stages of coming out & acceptance. This makes finding love difficult, as many guys are not giving us what we want. I have read and heard of many people saying: "I am a good-looking guy and quite laid-back. Why is finding love so hard? Why is it so hard for me to find love?" Or the usual, “I got into one of those dating sites and was excited about the prospects of meeting someone. But all I got were guys who were looking for sex, sex, sex and sex disguised as 'love'. Am I missing something?”

The difficulty of finding love in a gay life

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Gay dating is not easy. It is hard to find the right guys out there. We all read about things that we should do on a date. But here are some things that you should definitely NOT do on a date! Hopefully this makes your gay dating easier!

Gay dating: Things not to do on a date

Picture of Austin who came out
Coming out as gay is never easy, even if you are fairly certain that your family will be completely accepting. Here is a coming out story that went well for Austin.

Coming out as gay – Austin