Alex Strangelove Movie
Alex Strangelove is a story about a teenager (Alex Truelove, played by Daniel Doheny) who, despite having dated his girlfriend, Claire, for 8 months, is still a virgin.

Movie Review: Alex Strangelove

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This is a story about true love, and about loss. A gay relationship is as deep, significant and meaningful as a straight relationship.

A True Story on Love and Loss

Gay SA Radio
You may or may not have heard of GaySA Radio, a small Internet R@dio station. Started two years ago by two friends, the station has grown slowly but surely, culminating in its official launch at Pretoria Pride in October 2017.

Listen up! GaySA Radio is here

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As a boy age six I knew in my heart I was not going to like girls, but instead boys and men were my thing. As a southern baptist preacher's kid, it was not going to be easy to say the words, I AM GAY.

I am not different, I am just gay

Coming out the closet
Prior to my explosion from the iron-wrought impenetrable oak closet, which I had remained cast away in for 20 long years, life had been, if I could describe it... "quite fucked up". Born into a family whose heritage and traditions passed generation to generation, encouraged young sons to follow along paths to a future in "fruits and veg and hairy daughters".

Marc-Antony’s coming out story

Dude you're a fag 1
Did you ever hear these phrases in high school: “Quit being such a girl” or “That’s gay” or maybe “Don’t be such a fag.” Did you hear them from peers, from bullies, even from administrators in high school? Maybe you’ve even used this term yourself. As a way to bully, tease, or pressure those to stick to the status quo? Is this how you would describe your educational environment?

Homophobia and Toxic Masculinity Exposed in Short Film

Jesi Coming Out
There's not that much positive local LGBT content on YouTube & I'd thought this would be a great way to improve that, and get individuals like me to feel like they're not alone.

Jesi’s coming out to her mom video

World AIDS Day
World AIDS Day is for everyone to remember those that have passed as a result of HIV and to raise awareness about HIV to encourage people to get tested. This video raises awareness.

AIDS & HIV – An Issue That Cannot be Ignored

A useful infographic showing men what they need to know about STDs, covering Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, Syphilis, HPV, Hepatitis and HIV.

What men need to know about STDs

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I was 13 years when I realised that I am attracted to boys. And I am a boy too. This happened after I watched a documentary about a woman who was in a relationship with another woman. I watched it and thought "this is me".

Accepting my sexuality