My experience with making decisions

In life, and especially in love, decisions need to be made. The reality is that no one is good at making them but they come as part of enjoying what life has to offer.




Life happens to all of us

A pointer that I have learnt so far on my journey is that life happens! Yes that’s right, it happens to all of us. We make the best decisions with what we have but after all, that is all we can do. And yes, life happens! Things go wrong and we are left wondering why or what happened, confused by all of the IF’s and BUT’s. And we often end up regretting our decisions, or questioning whether we made the right decision.

The key is to simplify it

Lets take a very complicated decision: “Do I stay with my partner, or break up with them”. You may have experience the feeling of being unhappy in a relationship, but then feeling ¬†confused and regretful once you have made the bold step to move on in search of ‘the true love of your life’. In a real life example like this, there will never be a perfect decision that has all the pros and no cons.

Make the decision with your most important ‘need’ in mind

We need to prioritise our decision into the ‘personal needs’ that the decision will fulfil. If we make a decision with our most important need in place then it seems easier. Perhaps it’s that you need to be more outgoing or maybe you need more stability. If these needs are more important than the needs that the relationship is already fulfilling, then make your decision based on that. You are now deciding on one thing: how can my most important needs be met? This might not mean breaking up, but you must ensure your most important needs are met. This makes the decision-making easier, clearer and allows you to be more confident in your decisions.

The human brain is unable to think clearly when confronted by several (perhaps conflicting) needs, but choosing one and staying true to it will make your life easier.


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