Stereotypes – what makes someone appear gay?

I really hope that I don’t come across as reinforcing stereotypes (that’s not my intention) but I do wonder what qualities in a person makes us believe that they are gay. Some people might say it is the clothing that gay guys wear. Is it though? I find clothing makes it harder to tell these days. A while back, gay guys dressed in style, because they could and wanted to. But these days, we have a new generation of metrosexuals that try to dress like gay guys. And even if you do put a gay guy in very ‘straight’ clothing, you can generally still tell.

Kurt Hummel - Glee

Does he look straight because he is wearing a football outfit?


So what is it that tells us that someone is gay?

It’s not just the way a gay guy walks or talks. I think there is something in our faces that gives it away. I think we look at men in a way that tells them that we are gay. And we look at women in a way that tells them that we are not going to try anything with them.

What do you think?

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