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It is always such a warming feeling to belong to a ‘community’. I see communities in many places such as churches and religious groups, schools, and residential areas. To me, a community is a group of people who are naturally brought together for various reasons and end up having a strong bond with each other. They are brought together by common interest rather than by choice. They look after one another, protect and support each other.

Unfortunately, I didn’t really have this while growing up. I was never part of any community. I grew up in a neighbourhood where you didn’t really know your neighbours and I didn’t attend Church. But later in life, I slowly discovered a new community. One that can be very supportive at times, and one that I could instantly feel part of. This is of course the gay community.

Gay community

Gay people have a common understanding of the everyday difficulties and pressures that we go through, so we can instantly relate to each other. We all have a coming out story (even those that haven’t come out will have a story), and we never get bored when hearing other people’s stories. When we go through break-ups, the community supports us. And we all band together when there is a pride march, MCQP, or other big event. I am not saying that we all have the same goals, nor am I saying that we are all activists. But we all have something that ties us together, even if loosely.

We really shouldn’t take this community for granted, since it is probably the only community that many of us have. We should protect each other, and not tear each other apart. We should be open to accept help and love from the community, and equally, we should try our hardest to contribute to the community. The community will end up helping individuals (such as a young, confused gay person), and it will help the whole group (through having a bigger say when we debate our equal rights).

Has the community helped you?

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2 thoughts on “How awesome is the gay community

  • elton

    Well I would like to know how I can get access of the above mentioned community it sounds pretty helpfully especially to people like me who have a burning desire to come like me.
    But obviously I m being held back by fear of rejection.

    • Kimberleigh

      Well Elton, there are a lot of these gay communities around Cape Town………. Ours pretty and gaysomely sums up all that is written above 🙂 :D. It is called BLIGHT and we meet and play *while some are having a glass of bubbly as spectators* touch rugby every Sunday afternoon on the cricket field in town. xx xoxo