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They say that nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes. However, I think that another certainty seems to be the unnecessary conflict between homosexuality and religion. Most major religions reject homosexuality, claiming it is a sin. Or if homosexuality on its own is not a sin, the sexual acts that go along with it are definitely labeled as sins. Each religion usually has a couple of quotes in their religious books which can be interpreted to outlaw homosexuality.

God hates gays

This has unfortunately isolated many religious gay people, and turned them away from their religion. Many feel abandoned by their religion, and now feel lost. Some gay people have rejected religion, and some even hate religion. One can understand all these emotions, as us gay people just want to be accepted and loved. We want to fit in, and also be welcomed by religion.

I actually believe that if there is a higher power – a God – out there, that he actually will accept and love gay people. I think that two gay people having sex in a monogamous long-term relationship would be accepted by God. The religious books such as the Bible were written many many years ago, in a completely different society. In my opinion, they are a mixture of the morals and ethics that God expects and the views of society at the time. The morals don’t change, but society does.

Therefore the moral aspect might be that people should not be promiscuous and should not sleep around. Since gay relationships probably did not exist in those days (but gay sex probably did), the writers of the religious books may have associated homosexuality with sleeping around. This was probably true in those days: if a man slept with a man, it was probably not part of a monogamous relationship.

But society has changed. We see many gay, monogamous relationships. And I think they are morally sound, and therefore do fit in with many religions.

So if you are gay, and religious, please do not throw away your religion. Make it work for you. And don’t let people make you think it is a sin.

Gay Bible

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8 thoughts on “Religion and homosexuality

  • Gregory

    Thank you for that! I agree that monogamy and being faithful to your partner is of most importance, and that being homosexual and religious should be socially accepted… I do know of a blogger who covers a lot of gay-religion related issues. The site is EXTREMELY insightful, and they also interact with many readers that get in contact with them. I recommend anyone confronted with their sexuality and religious belief to check it out: ( )

  • Timothy Forrester

    I believe gay or not that all people have the right life as anyone else. As an ex-gay I believe that gay life style goes against God’s law and that even though it is a sin, I believe that the gay person has just as much right to life as anyone else. I for one would never turn a gay person away for any reason and I would show them just as much love as I would another person.

      • Frank

        It means he or she has tried homosexuality and found out that it is not for them. I was in the same boat once. As a young person I tried homosexuality and found out that it was not something I fancied. I also wanted to obey the Bible and God’s word moreso than fullfil my own earthly desires. People change preferences every day.

      • Aaron

        Homosexuality is not the same thing as coupling with someone of the same sex though. If your sexuality is part of who you are, how can you choose not to be homosexual?

  • Jeremy

    I have just come across your blog for the first time and am impressed by your wonderful attitude which seems to me to be very balanced. How refreshing. I am recently living a single life after 40 years of marriage and finding it hard to make friends, but also struggling with strong Christian ethics/morals so your article was certainly welcome, and I did enjoy your comment on the “ex-gay” which seemed so very down to earth and appropriate. Thanks. Keep up the good work.

    • Aaron

      Hi Jeremy.
      Thanks so much for your comment. I really appreciate the feedback.
      Sorry to hear that you are recently single. I hope you are OK?