What is it that our ‘gaydar’ picks up in a person?

If you are gay, you have probably heard of the ‘gaydar’. I am not referring to the gay sex/hookup site, but rather the ability to tell that someone else is gay, just by looking.

Urban dictionary defines a ‘gaydar’ to be: “The ability/gift of being able to detect homosexuality in other people.”

But is it really a gift? A sixth sense that we were born with when we our DNA decided that we were gay?

My gaydar tends to trigger itself every time that I see a highly cute boy. So firstly I think it is sometimes a cute-dar rather than a gaydar… and that is a fundamental flaw. From there, the first things I analyse are the clothes he is wearing, the way he is walking, and then how he speaks and what he says (in that order). If one of these points ‘straight’, then I have to decide if he is perhaps straight (alas) or just in the closet.

So is it really a sixth sense? Or have we tuned our brains to sense when someone cute is dressed well with an expensive haircut?


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