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As a boy age six I knew in my heart I was not going to like girls, but instead boys and men were my thing. As a southern baptist preacher’s kid, it was not going to be easy to say the words, I AM GAY. So for years I kept my secret and lived the Holy life I was required to live.

Then I met Ty, an amazing football player, very handsome African American gay boy, age 15 as was I. I was in love from the first day. He became my lover friend and yes my husband. It cost me my family, my church, my name, but every day for 35 years we made love to one another, not just sexually but through our actions and the things we did for one another.

I lost my love in 1999, and when he passed, I gave up on ever loving again. My dear sweet gay brothers, never give up on love, and always search for the one to give your all. Ty may be dead, but the love we shared has grown and matured, and now every man straight, bi or gay has my shoulders, my back and my arms to lean on and fall into. The love I shared with my Ty is alive and well.

It was simple really, you can not stop loving others after you yourself have been loved. As a result of coming out and truly living, I am alive and well. Getting older and wiser is somewhat a bitch, but I am truly blessed with the changes for the younger generation and just want all of you to know, YOU ARE NOT DIFFERENT – YOU ARE GAY. I love you my brothers and am grateful you are around me, heads up and eyes forward: your love awaits.

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