Help, I’m gay and Christian. Is this a paradox?

Help! I’m gay and I’m Christian. Help! I’m gay and I’m Jewish. Help! I’m gay and I’m Muslim. Help! I’m gay and religious. Traditionally, this seemed like the ultimate paradox. Being gay used to be considered a major sin by many people, and in the past, it may have been almost impossible to be openly gay and openly religious at the same time.

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Religion is a personal thing – it’s not about other people

We tend to associate religion with church, mosque, or similar. We rely on the religious leader or  ‘human in charge’ to tell us what is right and what is wrong, and we allow them to judge us. But religion is about the connection between you and the ‘higher being’ that you believe in. Religion is not about church, religious leaders, and the story that they want you to hear. Therefore it is up to you to believe that God accepts you for who you are. No one else has the right to interfere with the relationship that you have with God.

I feel like I’m all alone

You’re not alone. While it may often seem like all other gay people are non-religious, or even anti-religious, in fact there are many gay people who are active followers of the various religions. I recently ran a poll on twitter, and of my followers, about 30% indicated that they were gay and religious.

Most of the major religions have places of worship that are specifically targeted for you to share worship with other gay people. Do some research, and you should find a few gay-friendly churches, synagogues and mosques around. Besides those targeting gay people, there are also many places of worship where gay people are accepted openly just as straight people are, with no judgement, and with no intention to try and change or ‘convert’ you. If you do find yourself somewhere where being gay is treated as a sin, leave, and try to find a more open-minded place.

What about the anti-religious gays?

Yes, it is true that many gay people have become frustrated by religion to the point where they are anti-religious. And they may very well judge you for being religious. Some of us grew up in very conservative, religious families where we were made to feel that it was very wrong to be gay. These years of oppression have naturally created dislike, or even hatred, towards religious groups. I would say that everyone is entitled to their views, whether they are religious, non-religious or anti-religious. However, just as you should not be trying to force your religious views on others, they should not be trying to force their anti-religious views on you. They should also not judge you for the path you want to take. Accept that they are on a different journey, and may have come down a different road to you.

Can I go to Heaven if I’m gay?

The God that is taught about in most religions is a God of love, compassion and understanding. If you believe that God created you, then you were created just the way you were supposed to be. You are meant to be who you are, and God will love you for this, just as he would love straight people. Be a good and morale person. Don’t harm others, and stick with what you believe in.

Are you gay and religious?

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