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Please comment on the following email I received from a reader…

Thank you so much for a blog that makes a gay person like myself feel as though I am not alone and all is at least well in the gay community. As a young coloured South African, I grew up in a relatively small community where homosexuality was often stereotyped and often “spat” on. I was always teased about being the skinny gay boy and I ended up being shy and it was a nightmare just to come out of the house at times. Through my varsity years I managed to see life outside of a small town and had my first gay experiences in the city. I had a new-found independence and managed to live on my own once I completed varsity and found a job. Somehow my past still haunts me and it can be frustrating at times to walk alone in the mall and picture someone shouting “faggot” at me in my mind.

My other problem is I go on dates with the most gorgeous guys but I am certainly let down by most of them who see me as a means of showing power over me or seeing me as nothing more than something to vent their sexual instincts on.

Perhaps if I may be allowed to ask the readers of this blog on what I can do to instil more confidence in myself and also on how I can predetermine ways in which I can find someone decent or know that should I do go on a date, how will I know if he will not turn out to be a dragon and someone I can relate to?

Thank you again for your blog and I wish you all the best in your endeavours.

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3 thoughts on “Gay thoughts: Why me?

  • Aaron Post author

    I think you should try to remember that you have thousands of gay brothers and sisters all around you in South Africa, even in the malls that you visit. So don’t be afraid to be yourself. In terms of finding the right guy… well that is more trial and error. Just know what you are looking for and leave when someone doesn’t meet that standard. Eventually the right person will come… probably when you least expect it.

  • Kobus

    Hi there dude.
    I would like to get to know you. Maybe we could get together have a drink and a great conversation. please feel free to contact me on 0764143740

  • Mvekzin

    Just be yours and ignore what they are saying to you, some other day you’ll find the right person who will love you more than you expected
    *wishing you all the best*