Bisexual boy is confused in his dormatory 1

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Okay so like I’m bisexual, right, and I’m in a school that doesn’t like homosexuals. Well, ever since I got to that school I have been hiding my identity and for some reason some people thought I was gay and made rumours about me. Well I ended up getting over that just to avoid them. Bisexual dormatory

So come 2015, I’m now a boarder in that school and not a day scholar any more. I then got appointed as dormitory prefect, not forgetting they don’t know I’m bisexual. Then as time goes on, there’s this guy you start falling for and I realise as time goes that the guy is checking me out. But the guy is not gay or bisexual. He likes this other girl and who knows if they dating. But then this guy keeps doing the same thing.

Now I don’t want anyone to know that I’m bisexual, or ruin my reputation and also don’t want to put the guy in an uncomfortable situation by asking him out, what do I do in a situation like this because I really like the dude and don’t know what to do?

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One thought on “Bisexual boy is confused in his dormatory

  • iggy

    I reckon just hang out with him, like casually invite him for a chill sesh or something and take baby steps from there, he may just think you look like cool dude or you may think he’s not that cool after you know him, but you wont know till you spend some time with him!
    Also I don’t promote hiding your sexual and gender orientation, however I think we’ve all been there before, so I get it, but if you are hiding your orientation it’s very likely he is too or even, is just unsure… point being, sometimes you just gotta sack up and ask…
    stay safe 🙂