The Condom Experiment

Have you every walked past the condom section in the shops and wondered how all those different types of condoms would look or feel? Have you tried them all? I’ve always been curious to try them out, but I guess I didn’t because I was afraid of wasting my money. Well now I decided that I want to try out them all to see which I like best.

I approached various manufacturers to see who would be willing to send me samples. The good folk at Contempo were really cool – they sent me a sample of each of their condoms. (This is not a sponsored post).

So it was my mission to test each one out and give each one a review on my blog. It was interesting to try them all out, but I sure enjoyed it!

Here is the list of condoms that I tried out, along with their review.

  • Rough Rider;
  • Wet ‘n Wild
  • Bareback;
  • Endurance
  • Power play;
  • Midnight;
  • Erotica

I’m not sure what this says about me, but I decided to try out the ‘Rough Rider’ first. I decided to bottom for this exhilarating experience.

The first thing I noticed about these condoms is the smell – they don’t smell like latex. They actually smell (and taste) pleasant! I find the smell of latex is a real put-off.

Rough Rider – studded condom

rough rider

Rating: 10/10
I like: The studs feel really amazing. The experience is far more enhanced when your partner thrusts into you long and slow, rather than fast and ‘rough’. This really had me moaning!
Don’t like: I liked everything about it.
Serves its purpose? Yes, this was very pleasurable, and my partner enjoyed the joy he was giving to me.

Wet and Wild

wed and wild

The second condom I tried was the Wet and Wild. This condom aims to be extra-lubricated, however I found it did not add much value to my sex. I still needed to add traditional lube, so if you are used to using lube for anal sex, don’t think you’ll be able to skip the lube by using this condom.

Rating: 4/10
I like
: the condom doesn’t smell like latex, and has some lube for initial foreplay.
Don’t like: the condom felt like any other condom to me.
Serves its purpose: not for anal sex – you still need additional lube.

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Bareback – super thin condom


Rating: 7/10
I like: As expected, the condom was very thin so it felt more natural. Although, we were still aware that there was a condom on. This is probably the best option if you like the idea of bareback.
Don’t like: I liked everything about it.
Serves its purpose? Yes, the condom felt a lot more natural than some thicker ones.

Endurance – long lasting


Rating: 9/10
I like: This was quite amazing. I slipped this condom on my partner without telling him which one it was – to remove the placebo effect. Well the condom certainly worked as expected. My partner kept going for ages. It was amazing.
Don’t like: Don’t expect to get a quickie when using this one, make sure you keep aside a good hour!
Serves its purpose? Yes, the condom definitely caused my partner to keep going longer.

The Endurance was quite amazing, as it really allowed my partner to endure for much longer. It was quite funny because he didn’t even know that he had the Endurance condom on.

Erotica – ribbed for pleasure


Rating: 8/10
I like: This condom was full of parallel ribs that created an intense pleasure for the bottom. I could definitely feel the ribs doing their magic. Use this when you want to experience something a little more than normal.
Don’t like: For some reason, I preferred the studded ‘Rough Rider’ to the ribbed ‘Erotica’
Serves its purpose? Yes

Power play – thick like rubber


Rating: 6/10
I like: The condom is unusually thick, and doesn’t even feel like latex. It feels more like a type of rubber. This is great for those of you who like leather and rubber: I could hear the condom creaking as it went in.
Don’t like: I prefer the natural feel of Bareback.
Serves its purpose? Yes, the condom is thick and would do well for power play and BDSM.

Midnight – dark like the night

Rating: 5/10
I like: The condom is black. For those with darker skin, this may be a more natural colour for you.
Don’t like: The black looked a bit odd on my white skin.
Serves its purpose? Yes

Have you tried any of them? Let me know how you enjoyed them…

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