Condom review: condom experiment (part 3) 1

If you missed my earlier posts, I have been trying out all the different types of Contempo condoms to see which I like the most.

The next three I tried were Erotica, Midnight, and Power Play.

Erotica – ribbed for pleasure

Rating: 8/10

I like: This condom was full of parallel ribs that created an intense pleasure for the bottom. I could definitely feel the ribs doing their magic. Use this when you want to experience something a little more than normal.
Don’t like: For some reason, I preferred the studded ‘Rough Rider’ to the ribbed ‘Erotica’
Serves its purpose? Yes


Power play – thick like rubber


Rating: 6/10
I like: The condom is unusually thick, and doesn’t even feel like latex. It feels more like a type of rubber. This is great for those of you who like leather and rubber: I could hear the condom creaking as it went in.
Don’t like: I prefer the natural feel of Bareback.
Serves its purpose? Yes, the condom is thick and would do well for power play and BDSM.


Midnight – dark like the night


Rating: 5/10
I like: The condom is black. For those with darker skin, this may be a more natural colour for you.
Don’t like: the black looked a bit odd on my white skin.
Serves its purpose? Yes

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