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If you missed my earlier posts, I have been trying out all the different types of Contempo condoms to see which I like the most. The next two condoms I tried were Bareback and Endurance. The Endurance was quite amazing, as it really allowed my partner to endure for much longer. It was quite funny because he didn’t even know that he had the Endurance condom on.

Bareback  Endurance

These were both pretty awesome, and did what they were designed to do.

Bareback – super thin

Rating: 7/10
I like: As expected, the condom was very thin so it felt more natural. Although, we were still aware that there was a condom on. This is probably the best option if you like the idea of bareback.
Don’t like: I liked everything about it.
Serves its purpose? Yes, the condom felt a lot more natural than some thicker ones.


Endurance – long lasting

Rating: 9/10
I like: This was quite amazing. I slipped this condom on my partner without telling him which one it was – to remove the placebo effect. Well the condom certainly worked as expected. My partner kept going for ages. It was amazing.
Don’t like: Don’t expect to get a quickie when using this one, make sure you keep aside a good hour!
Serves its purpose? Yes, the condom definitely caused my partner to keep going longer.

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