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Sometimes we get hit by a stroke of luck, and mine came when Contempo Condoms agreed to send me samples of each of their types of condoms. So I couldn’t just try them out and keep quiet about it… I decided to blog about each experience (see the introduction here). And don’t worry, they are not paying me, so I’ll give honest feedback 🙂

I’m not sure what this says about us, but my partner and I decided to try out the ‘Rough Rider’ condom first. I decided to bottom for this exhilarating experience.

rough riderwed and wild

The first thing I noticed about these condoms is the smell – they don’t smell like latex. They actually smell (and taste) pleasant! I find the smell of latex is a real put-off.

Rough Rider – studded

Rating: 10/10
I like: the studs feel really amazing. The experience is far more enhanced when my partner thrusts long and slow, rather than fast and ‘rough’. This really had me moaning!
Don’t like: I liked everything about it.
Serves its purpose? Yes, this was very pleasurable, and my partner enjoyed the joy he was giving to me.


Wet and Wild

The second condom I tried was the Wet and Wild. This condom aims to be extra-lubricated, however I found it did not add much value to my sex. I still needed to add traditional lube, so if you are used to using lube for anal sex, don’t think you’ll be able to skip the lube by using this condom.

Rating: 4/10
I like
: the condom doesn’t smell like latex, and has some lube for initial foreplay.
Don’t like: the condom felt like any other condom to me.
Serves its purpose: not for anal sex – you still need additional lube.

Next, I’m going to try out the Midnight Black and the Bareback Extra Thin.

Let me know what your favourite condom is?

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