Suicide letter

Dear Reader

Today I have dressed formally as a boy but unfortunately this is the first and last time you ever see me dressed like this without a soul hanging high in this rope.

There was never a boy in the first place. I shouted and screamed in order for some of you to notice what I was or to acknowledge my sexuality.

Yes let me say acknowledge because you made it clear that there will never be acceptance. But I think I had to make it easier for you to accept me now as I am hanging high in this rope formally dressed as this lifeless boy.Suicide letter

A boy you have nagged me about my entire life. I wanted to make him come back for the last time but unfortunately he was long dead and my homosexuality was born but you chose to ignore it because you thought of disgrace and disgust when you saw me.

I don’t know whether that was caused by lack of understanding or ignorance, but I feel that life is unfair sometimes for me to give you the boy you have been longing for – lifeless, but on the other hand in life we do not always get everything we want.

Aaron says: I received the above letter via my guest posts. I’m unsure whether this was figurative or if it was a real suicide letter. I hope and pray that the author is OK and can find help. Please do not give in to the sadness and despair. Things do have a way of turning around. Sure, you can’t see it now. And sure tomorrow might be just as bad as today. But please know that there are people who will accept you and love you for who you are. And you will find them. Please contact someone who can help. Let us know if you are alright. Have a look here for some organisations that help with suicide and suicidal thoughts:

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