Movie Review: Alex Strangelove

Alex Strangelove is a story about a teenager (Alex Truelove, played by Daniel Doheny) who, despite having dated his girlfriend, Claire, for 8 months, is still a virgin. And not without Claire trying. Initially she would tease him in front of his friends about not having had sex with her, but later they make formal plans to meet in a hotel room to try to have sex. However, as time goes on, Alex realises that he is starting to develop feelings for someone else. And that person happens to be a boy.

Alex Strangelove is a cute movie, a light-hearted comedy drama that will make you feel good watching it. Those of us who suffered any form of confusion before coming out can easily relate to the story.



I am very impressed with the calibre of gay-themed movies showing lately, such as Alex Strangelove. Netflix does a very good job of producing movies and series in which gay people are depicted as normal part of everyday life. They are helping to destroy the age-old stereotype of how gay people used to be portrayed. Having movies like this further help to change the way society views gay people – in a positively normal way.



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