MCQP 2015 review: did you get blown away?

MCQP (Mother City Queer Party) is the biggest gay event in Cape Town besides Gay Pride. It is the party that many gays look forward to all year – a time to dress up, dance, drink, and be absolutely fabulous. This year, the theme was extremely enjoyable: Candyland (think pink candyfloss, rainbow candy, sucking on your lollipop…). Great eye-candy!


MCQP 2015 theme candyland


The party was held at Harrington Street, essentially a big gay street party. The street party concept might sound great on paper, especially since nothing beats being outdoors during summer in Cape Town. But the problem was the gay boys were not the only ones blowing hard… the Cape Town wind joined the party and blew it away. The wind made it quite unpleasant for many. Although MCQP can’t control the wind, they can control the venue choice. MCQP should consider venues with a good mix of indoors and outdoors to combat unpredictable Cape Town Weather.

We liked the choice of theme. Candyland is as sweet and innocent or as spicy and naughty as you like. I think it was cute, and I believe many people enjoyed the theme.

The music was okay… the wind did not help with acoustics, leaving many people commenting about bad music. However, the choice of music was not bad – they had something to suit most people.


Our review

Overall, the party was fun and well worth the entry price. It was a great end to a great year, and a time to celebrate with all your friends, and meet new friends. Will we see you at MCQP 2016?

Theme: 8/10

Venue: 3/10

Music: 6/10

Overall: 7/10


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But not everyone found MCQP sweet



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