Life of a Teenage Gay

Hi, I’m 15, female (I think), and very bisexual. But my coming out happened when I was 13/14. (before I begin, I want to add that I only came out to (some) friends, as I don’t feel the need to tell the whole family until I actually date a girl). (Also, I’m British, so yes it may be different to wherever you’re from). Tt would be helpful to add that I go to an all-girls school.

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It was a Monday after school, and a fellow gay friend of mine from school (let’s call them ‘M’) asked as we were walking out of school, ‘hey, didn’t you want to tell me something?’ and I was like ‘oh no I forgot about that’ but I actually said ‘oh yeah, do you want to guess?’ (because I’m too closeted to actually just say it), and she was like ‘you gay?’ and I just said ‘well kind of, I guess so.’ and she was like ‘holy shoot you’re bi’ and I was like ‘yep’. She was like ‘omg I’m so happy’. So that coming out went great, but I was extremely nervous. It always goes well with other gay people though. After that she kind of just told a few other gays in my year group but like only 3, maybe 4.

Skip ahead maybe a year, and like only them gay people knew. We kind of all just know who each other are, and not many others know, apart from M, who has literally told almost the entire school.

Anyway, we were sat in English, and I was put on a table with M, G and J. (G and J are like two of the more popular people in the year group), and I don’t why but we were chatting and G asked M, ‘aren’t you like gay?’ and she was like ‘well I’m bisexual but yeah’. And G nodded, and asked me ‘are you bisexual?’ (she asks a lot of questionsand I didn’t want to tell anyone, but I didn’t want to lie and just say no either, so I said (and I wish to God I just said no), ‘depends’. DEPENDS. Why on earth would I say that. And she said ‘wait, so do you like girls’ and I said ‘I guess so.’ Please note that my heart could have won the grand prix at this point, it was beating that fast. G then said to J ‘did you know she is bi’ and I don’t know what anyone said after that because my anxiety just took over and I think my conscience took a trip to the shopping mall or something, because I don’t remember anything after that.

But anyway, that’s it. I don’t know how many people know, or how many people anyone has told, but I’m hoping it’s a low-ish number. But hey, in my computer science there’s 11 people and like 5 of us are gay, so we will soon take over.  I still haven’t told my closest friend (bc reasons), but I’ve told my second closest friend, who I didn’t mention in this story, and a few months after I came out to her, it turns out she is bi too, which is cool.

Thanks for reading my story!

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