Don’t feel bad about my death, my love

One of my readers emailed me the below short story, and he has allowed me to post it here. I think it is really beautiful. Thanks Neil!

“Don’t feel bad about my death, my love, it was God’s plan.  He took me away from you and I know the pain you are feeling, I am not suffering from the pain any more.  Please let me live in your heart as I will always be there, you will always be in mine as I dance with the Angels.  My love you were so good to me during my illness, you stood by me when you did not have too, you made the last days of my life the best I ever had and I thank you for that, now my sexy hubby I am setting you free and I give you my blessing to go and search for another man that will treat you as well as you treated me.  Never feel that it was your fault that I had to go through what I went through, never blame yourself!  Please remember that I loved your dearly and you were the best lover, partner, husband and friend that I ever had.

Love you lots
Your husband

Leaning against the huge willow tree Justin read the letter, tears falling to the floor as he tried to deal with the death of his partner.  Like a knife through his heart he lost the person that he loved dearly, not knowing how he would continue in life.

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