Dear mom (on Mother’s Day)

Dear Mom

Thanks for being the best mother that any gay boy could hope for. Sure, it was a long road from when I came out to you until you accepted me fully. But we travelled that road together, and we have come out stronger together.

Thanks for accepting and loving me for who I am. Thanks for realising that me being gay is not just a phase, but who I am. And thanks for realising that being gay is not the whole of me, but just a part of me.

Whenever I reflect on our relationship, I am so thankful for who you are. Sadly, there are so many other LGBTI people who have not been accepted by their parents. And I realise that it takes a very brave person to go against society’s view and openly accept their gay child. Often a gay boy will first come out to their mother, and it is a mother’s job to love them and provide them with the support they need to come out to the rest of the family. A job you did very well.

Mother's Day card

I love you, mom.


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