AIDS & HIV – An Issue That Cannot be Ignored

World AIDS Day falls annually on December 1st. It’s a day for everyone to remember those that have passed as a result of HIV but also to raise awareness about it and encourage people to get tested. World AIDS Day also serves to promote a sense of hope that all is not lost because through medical advances, the long term outlook health-wise for those who contract HIV is a lot more positive than it once was.

This video from our friends over at Carvaka (based in the UK) is predominantly UK stats based but the message is the same and should be the same the world over.


Testing and screening are paramount to help prevent the rapid spread of the disease and of course, contraception in the form of condoms is essential when you don’t know your partner’s sexual history.
South Africa unfortunately has high rates of HIV and AIDS. According to 2015 figures, over 7 million people in South Africa were living with the virus with a staggering 180,000 AIDS related deaths. It’s time for everyone to stop and listen and take the precautions needed.


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