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This post is from one of our readers who is celebrating the feeling of being free in his sexuality. Well done to you!


I was 13 years when I realised that I am attracted to boys. And I am a boy too. This happened after I watched a documentary about a woman who was in a relationship with another woman. I watched it and thought “this is me”.


This woman spoke about everything I was going through. After I realised my sexual orientation, I had a huge problem with it. Why should I love men? Only women are supposed to be with men. I had a conflicting feelings and I felt that homosexuality wasn’t part of African culture. I asked myself “why me?” out of all people that can go through this, why should it be me? I wondered what people would say if they knew. For me, it was insanity. What would my family say? How would other people take this?


I tried hiding, thinking it would change how I felt about men. It didn’t change anything about my sexuality. Besides being Gay, I am a man and I enjoy being a man. When I was younger I wished I could be a girl so that I could have a boyfriend, not because I really wanted to be a girl. This was because I thought it was a normal thing for a girl to have a boyfriend.


My life is just great. I love my sexuality.


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One thought on “Accepting my sexuality

  • Lunga

    I’m glad you’ve accepted who you are at the end of it all. There are a lot of people who are still battling with self-acceptance. It really isn’t easy. Thanks for such a beautiful piece of writing.